昨晚臨睡前看到FB上被魏老師提醒,但想著應該不是嚴重的事情就先睡了。今早看到,才知Sam Moyo在11月19日德里的一次嚴重車禍後,于11月22日離世。他應是杭州論壇上最年輕的一位發言者,正值壯年,閒暇時他跟Aditya和Mamdani會互開玩笑。但因我也只是忙於張羅跑動,真正有生動印象的,還是西湖邊,西湖上,龍井村,飯桌上。因為這幾年跟年紀大的學者交往很多,Sam的突然離開讓我覺得要好好鍛鍊身體,保持充沛的體力,承擔好“繼往開來”、“承上啟下”的特殊工作。

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  1. If SecNav approves her request, I b'lieve one of two things will happen:1. She'll decide that she's now bulletproof and demand another at-sea command, or2. She'll lobby for a Pentagon assignment and go into vendetta mode against those who testified against her.Do I think SecNav will approve her request? Not if he reviews the paperwork of her relief from command and her retention board hearing…

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